Food Musings: PB & J

The food in Ecuador has been good to me: it’s cheap, hearty, and often finds a way to incorporate potatoes…I love potatoes. Still, as a big time grazer I often need a little snack to get me by, and what snack says ‘Murica quite like a PB & J? So one day I took off to a local supermarket in search of peanut butter, bread, and jelly. In the end I learned a new lesson from each ingredient.

First, as cheap as food can be in Ecuador, peanut butter is not cheap. An average sized container of peanut butter was $9!! So I had to settle for a tiny jar that ran me just over $5.

Second, a jar of jelly can be a snob.

Third, a bag of bread can be a bimbo.

BiMBO bread and SNOB jelly.
BiMBO bread and SNOB jelly.

I hadn’t seen these brand names before coming to Ecuador, so the surprises led to audible laughs right there in the supermarket. I was so amused I tried to explain the meaning of ‘snob’ to my host family when I returned, but it didn’t translate the hilarity. Bonus lesson learned: for as long as I’m in Ecuador ‘snob’ is simply a brand of jelly.


One comment

  1. Didn’t know where you were going with the Snob and Bimbo thing until I scrolled down and saw the pic. I Laughed Out Loud as ‘they’ say. 😀


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