Hasta Luego, Ecuador

My last two months in Ecuador:


On April 16th, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador’s north-western coast. Nearly seven hundred lives were lost, tends of thousands of people were injured, and over one thousand aftershocks were felt in the region. At the time I was at a friend’s home in Quito where we experienced only part of the wrath let out at the epicenter. Already struggling financially, Ecuador will continue to require aid for the region. If you’re looking for a place to send support, Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana / the Ecuadorian Red Cross is a good place to start.


May was my final month in Ecuador. One day there was an aftershock felt in Quito. It was one of about four that the city experienced since the 7.8 magnitude first hit. It was also the first time I was alone as the ground shook, and it was the first time I felt afraid. The President shut down all schools and my classes were cancelled. I spent that day in the comfort of friends and received good news about being able to teach English in another Spanish speaking country in a few months! At the end of the school cycle I had to say goodbye to the best class I have ever had to date and I received some awesome gifts from students. My ‘hasta luego’ to Ecuador ended up being a really beautiful experience.


I’m back in New York City! I’ve seen a few good friends, but I haven’t been to any concerts yet (the two things I said I would miss most from NYC). I do, however, have some travels planned within the next month that I will write posts for.

Here are the last two photos that I will share of my time in Ecuador:

Private beach at a lodging two friends and I stayed at somewhere outside of Jama, Ecuador.
‘Without environment, there is no future.’ Seen in Ambato, Ecuador during the Fruit and Flower Festival.

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