Edinburgh: Things to Do!

Buildings waiting to be photographed as I was shopping near the Royal Mile.


  1. Hike Salisbury Crags

    Beautiful views of all of Edinburgh the entire way up! If you prefer a more intense hike while you take in views, the alternative hike is Arthur’s Seat. You’ll still get quite a workout on Salisbury Crags’ rocky path, but it’s not muddy and you can get away with wearing any type of sneakers/trainers.

    I’m mid-climb, but look at that view and the rainbow!
  2. Eat Full Scottish Breakfast

    If you don’t eat meat, this won’t be an option, but otherwise give it a try. This traditional dish includes haggis, a mixture of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs… but pretend you don’t know that before you try it and you will be surprised! It’s flavored really well, even including nutmeg, and I was surprised that something that looks like a spoonful of gray mush could go down so easily. This is a heavy breakfast that will more than keep you full until lunch.

    Egg, bacon, tomato, sausage, baked beans, tattie scone (made out of potato), and the infamous haggis with buttered toast.
  3. Visit Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

    DO IT! You get to experience optical illusions and learn about how our brain processes what we see while also having an incredible amount of fun. My favorites are at the very end: the mirror escape room and the room that takes you for a spin (you are really just walking in a straight line, but the illusion makes you feel like you are being turned over again and again – – those with motion sickness are not advised to enter). Of course, you exit via the gift shop and I was able to purchase bubbles (bubbles!) that you can hold 🙂

    There are dozens of photo opportunities at Camera Obscura and this is one I took of my friend.

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